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Safe abortion or Termination of pregnancy (TOP) is when a pregnancy is terminated in its early stage before it results into the birth of a child. Abortion may be performed in two different ways. Medical Abortion. This is when abortion pills will be swallowed to end thes pregnancy. Surgical Abortion. This is when instruments will be used to remove the fetus. If both abortion procedures are done by a qualified abortion doctor with proper medical guidance, there is no way it will affect your fertility.

How Safe Is Abortion Done

On your first visit to our clinic, counseling will be provided and this is optional. The doctor will  perform a pregnancy test to confirm the weeks and also explain to you in detailed how the safe abortion procedure will done and how to take care of yourself after the abortion.

Safe Abortion Procedure

You will swallow one abortion pill that is meant to block the hormone called progesterone. Progesterone is the hormone that supports a pregnancy and without it the pregnancy can not continue.
Safe Abortion Clinic
Safe Abortion Clinic
Step 2. A few hours later after the first pill, the lining of the uterus will begin to shed and this will soften the cervix. You will then be requested to swallow another set of abortion pills or they may be inserted inside your vagina.

Side effects of a Medical safe abortion

You will experience cramping like period period pains. You might vomit. Feel Nausea Get a running stomach Experience some bit of Fatigue. The bleeding might start hours after using the second pills. You may see large blood clots at the time of the abortion and if the pain persists then you will need to take some pain medicine provided by the clinic.

Womb Cleaning after a safe Abortion

The womb is the center of a woman’s power, creativity and life force. Not only does the womb create babies, it also energetically holds the space of the life force. Therefore after every abortion procedure we shall provide you with pain tablets and antibiotics that will prevent you from getting any infections during the healing process. You may also need to have a pap smear to make sure that the cervix (mouth of the womb) is normal. Should you feel continuous pains that do not stop or bleeding that is heavily for almost a week after an abortion, that is a possible sign of small tissue that might have remained inside the womb during the medical abortion procedure. We shall perform some test and if we confirm that there is a sign of infection , the clinic will perform a small medical procedure to gently scoop or remove any remaining tissue inside the womb. NB:- Please do not take any medication or herbs promising to abort the pregnancy or clean your womb. Also never put any herbs or chemicals up your vagina. This does not clean your womb and is dangerous. Should you require a safe same day Abortion procedure with womb cleaning included Starting from R500,  Call or whats-app 0634382362 Dr. Joel

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