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Safe abortion 0634382362 We only use Safe and tested pills which are administered by our registered medical professionals. It is safe and same day process. 


Safe Abortion

Safe abortion  is when the pregnancy is ended so that it doesn’t result into the birth of a child.

Francis Abortion Clinic provides safe abortion/ Termination of Pregnancy to women who are faced with either an unplanned pregnancy or a pregnancy they choose not to continue with.

Types of Safe Termination / Abortion

Medical Abortion:

Medical Abortion is when an abortion pill is swallowed to end the pregnancy.

Surgical Abortionz

Surgical abortion is when a minor operation will be performed in order to take the fetus out.

Safe Abortion Procedure

  1. After counseling is done, a pregnancy test will be performed to confirm how many weeks you are.
  2. The nurse will then request you to swallow one abortion pill.
  3. This pill is meant to block the female hormone called Progesterone and without it, a pregnancy can not continue.
  4. After a few hours another pill will be inserted deep inside your vagina.
  5. This pill will contract the womb and cause some cramping and bleeding similar to a miscarriage.
  6. After the abortion we shall provide womb cleaning pills to prevent any infections.

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An understanding professional patient educator will speak with you in a private session.

Why choose safe abortion Clinic Johannesburg

Safe abortion Clinic is recognized abortion center that values it patients. Customer is the BOSS!

Abortion clinic opens Monday to Sunday from 8:00 am – 6:00 pm.

When you contact us, we shall provide you a day and appropriate time to come for the abortion procedure.

What abortion procedures do we offer

How long does the medical abortion procedure takes,

The side effects and how to care for yourself after the abortion.

Abortion After Care

Prior to the abortion, you will receive a detailed sheet of aftercare instructions.

Afterward, we will provide you with medication, ask you to contact us if you experience symptoms of a potential problem, and explain the importance of rest, good nutrition and emotional support.

You can expect the symptoms of pregnancy to disappear by the third or fourth day following your abortion. Breast tenderness, queasy stomach, tiredness and frequent urination persist,

How effective are in-clinic abortions?

In-clinic abortions are extremely effective. They work more than 99 out of every 100 times. Needing to get a repeat procedure because the abortion didn’t work is really rare. 

Abortion Aftercare – Safe Abortion

After a vacuum aspiration abortion or a dilation and evacuation (D&E) abortion, you will go to a recovery area to rest. The staff will periodically check your vital signs and bleeding. It is normal to bleed moderately or even to pass small clots; the intensity of the cramping usually lessens during the first half hour.Depending on the procedure, the type of anesthesia you had, and how you are feeling, you may stay in the recovery area from 20 minutes to an hour or more.

If you had IV sedation or general anesthesia, you will need someone to drive or accompany you home.

After Medical Abortion

Most clinics require a follow-up visit to confirm that the abortion is complete. The clinician will do a physical examination, ultrasound or blood pregnancy test. Sometimes these services can be managed by phone without having to return to the clinic.

At Home After Safe Abortion

With any abortion, avoid putting anything into your vagina (no tampons, no sexual intercourse, and no douching) for two weeks after the abortion, as the cervix is open and there is a greater chance of an infection during this time.

Bleeding ranges from none at all to a light or moderate flow, which may stop and then start again. Some signs of pregnancy, such as nausea, usually get better in a day or two, while others, including breast tenderness, may take a week or two.

You may also be advised to rest and to avoid heavy lifting and strenuous exercise. Self-care is important, but work, school and family circumstances may make some recommendations unrealistic. In addition, no studies have shown that these activities actually increase the risk of complications after abortion. The best guide is to listen to your body and use common sense.

Reviewing the procedure for all abortion methods and aftercare instructions and answer your questions.

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